EVs Will Always Be More Expensive Than Petrol Cars: Honda Execs


EVs getting more popular than ever, and demand for electric vehicles is rising every day. Especially in Europe where diesel cars are almost dead, and petrol cars are taxed heavily. While in some cases, EVs may be cheaper than gas-powered cars, some cars cost almost double. In France, the BMW …

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Chip Shortage Likely To Stay After 2023: GM CEO Mary Barra


The time has never been more difficult than it is now for the automobile sector currently. Automakers are forced to sell their vehicles at high prices and are removing several features. This all started when the Covid-19 pandemic happened and the world took a pause due to lockdowns everywhere. The …

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Mercedes Partnered With Rivian To Make Electric Vans In Europe

Mercedes and Rivian have teamed up to make electric vans together. Both companies have signed up the deal to start a new venture together to manufacture vans in Europe. Although Mercedes-Benz and Rivian have partnered up, they will build two separate models coming from each brand. About: Mercedes and Rivian …

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Bollinger B2 Performance & Price

Overview The all-new Bollinger B2 was set to challenge the tesla cyber-truck and other pickup trucks in the market, But recently the CEO of the Bollinger company revealed in a statement that the company has decided to postpone its manufacture as they shift their focus to commercial trucks. The Bollinger …

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2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV Performance & Specifications

Overview Chevrolet announced the Blazer EV in January and teased it in March. Now as we head close to the reveal on 18th July brings a buzz around the company. We’ll likely see single- and dual-motor configurations; the latter providing all-wheel drive with an expected high-end SS performance variant at the …

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10 Tech Companies In The World Race To Build EVs


Overview EVs first came into existence in the mid-19th century. In 1990, at the Los Angeles Auto Show, a two-seater concept electric vehicle was introduced by General Motors President it was named the “Impact“. From 1996 to 1998 GM produced 1117 EV1s and discontinued them. The EVs were reintroduced in the …

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2022 Fisker Ocean’s Reservation Crosses 50,000 Mark

2022 Fisker

Overview 2022 Fisker Ocean hits an impressive number of reservations. The EV market has become very competitive, and tagging along with Fisker’s new all-electric Ocean SUV as the world’s most sustainable EV, the brand is confident enough to keep the demand going. The carmaker recently revealed that total reservations for …

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